Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot find my Alarm on your Website?

The Most common Alarm Systems are listed on our website and have a full range of products listed, these account for over 90% of the market, if your alarm is not listed email or TXT us with a picture of the keypad OR control panel and / OR ring us

Where do I find replacement Wireless Detectors / Equipment on your Website?

 Wireless Detectors / Equipment are only compatible with your control panel and are listed under the name of the Manufacturer. If your alarm is not listed email or TXT us with a picture of the keypad OR control panel and / OR ring us

Do Insurance Companies give a discount if you have an alarm system?

Most insurance companies give a discount for an alarm and some a higher discount if the alarm is monitored by a recognised central monitoring station. When you have a burglary your insurance company only replace items that have been stolen, and you will be left with the legacy of having your privacy invaded and your un- replaceable family heirlooms and family treasures gone for ever, an alarm system will help get the intruder out as soon as possible

Why should I get my alarm monitored?

 All alarms should be monitored either to a central monitoring station or at least to your cell phone. For many businesses having their alarm monitored by a recognised central monitoring station is an insurance requirement. Alarm monitoring ensures that you are alerted to a problem so a response can be taken and provides peace of mind and added safety and security not to mention a fire response if you have fire detection equipment

I am getting Fibre; will my alarm still ring my Monitoring Station?

No it will not, you will need to either rewire it to the Router OR add a Cellular Dialler OR IP Modem, in our Help and Advice section we have detailed information as to the your options            

My neighbour’s alarm rings continuously, why does it do this?

Today all alarms are required by law to reset after a set period of time, we programme our alarms to reset themselves after between 3 and 5 minutes. Either your neighbour’s alarm is old and faulty or has not been installed correctly

Do you sell discounted alarms with a monitoring contract?

Yes we do, if you sign a 36 month contract at $43 a month we will give you the hardware for a 2 sensor alarm including a Permaconn cellular dialler provided you must pass a credit check. We will install the alarm for you at a cost of $199 as the alarm must be installed by a professional alarm installer 

What is the normal response time for a security guard to attend?

 It depends on where you are and what time your alarm activates, as an industry guideline the guard should be on site within fifteen – thirty minutes

How long is your guarantee?

It varies between each product ranging from 1 – 5 years

Can I connect my alarm to the Police?

No, alarms cannot be connected to the Police, in fact the Police will not respond to an alarm unless someone has checked the premises first. Today all alarms are monitored by private security companies. Insurance companies insist alarms have sirens so as to get intruders out of the property as soon as possible and prevent unnecessary damage and losses especially as it is impossible for all activations to be dealt with instantly

Do you recommend a silent alarm so the intruders can be caught?

 No, Intruders don’t usually stay in a property for long to be caught and you are relying on a fast response from whoever responds. Insurance companies also insist alarms have sirens so as to prevent unnecessary damage and losses.

How long will the Alarm Battery last?

Alarm batteries usually last between 3-5 years before they have to be replaced. The battery in an alarm is a rechargeable battery, usually 3.0 - 7.0AH which is trickle charged by the control unit.

Can I monitor the alarm to my cellphone?

Yes you can, however the security and insurance industries do not recognise alarms that are monitored to cell phones as being monitored because they have no set unset record, are not tested every 24 hours and have no activity logs available” 

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for over 30 years and are a nationwide company

What do burglars take?

Burglars not only take items such as computers, jewellery, sports equipment, iPads etc that are easily disposed of but also family heirlooms that have no value to anyone but you and cannot be replaced

Do Pet Detectors work?

Yes they do, we sell a number of specially designed pet sensors that can accommodate animals. There are two basic size ranges; up to 25Kg and 25-45kg. Also you can limit the area they have access to when your alarm is set

What is the difference between Battery Operated and Hardwired Smoke Detectors?

 Hardwired Smoke Detectors have no batteries to worry about but more importantly they are wired into the alarm system and all your smokes are interconnected so that irrespective as to which one activates sufficient noise is usually generated to wake you up. If your alarm is monitored when you are away you still get protection”

I have Battery operated Smoke Detectors, how often should I replace their Battery?

We recommend that you replace their batteries changed every six months at daylight saving changeover

Are you a Licensed Security Company?

Yes, we are a Licensed Security Company

What is 4301?

 It is the New Zealand Security Industry Standard relating to installation and equipment standards.  In general terms most of the equipment we use complies with this standard