For the Warranty period specified for each individual product on this website The Company’s liability of any defects or faults in the Equipment shall in all cases be limited to replacing, repairing or correcting such defects or faults provided that The Client notifies The Company of such defect of fault within five (5) working days of the fault becoming apparent and provided that such defect or fault does not arise from negligence, misuse or vandalism in relation to the Equipment.
DIY products damaged by poor or incorrect installation techniques are excluded from all warranties as are malfunctions attributable to the incompatibility of the Equipment purchased when connected to any existing Equipment.
Damage caused by Lightning Strikes, Power Surges, Accidents, Water Damage and “Acts of God” such as Earthquakes, Storms and Firs are excluded from all Warranties
The Company may, at its option, repair or replace any defective parts of the Equipment.
The Warranty does not include labour costs for removing and reinstalling equipment, nor does it include inwards freight costs, however The Company will freight the product back to the Purchaser free of charge.
If you have a Labour Warranty where The Company has installed the products then the Labour Warranty period is for 12 Months.
If you are a ‘Consumer’ as defined in any Consumer Guarantees Act, then you may have rights under that Act. Those rights will be in addition to anything set out in these terms. Any of these terms which have the effect of contracting out of that Act shall be of no effect.