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All DIY products sold on our Website include Free Phone Support, and are subjected to the following Fair Usage Conditions:

.Free Phone Support is provided on the basis that the Purchaser or the Installer installing the equipment is competent to install and program the equipment and has a basic knowledge of how the equipment operates. 

 Free Support is limited to a Maximum of 15 Minutes of Phone support. If The Client requires more support, then all extra minutes will be charged at the rate of $1.50 GST Incl per Minute.

 We ONLY provide Free Phone Support for Clients; if non-Clients require Phone Support, we provide a Maximum of 3 Minutes of Free Phone Support which is the time it takes to explain our Phone Support charge is $2.00 GST Incl per Minute.  payable by Credit Card Only.


When Alarm Warehouse provides Alarm Installation, Servicing and On-Site Technical Support by our New Zealand Based Installation & Servicing Team then the charges are as follows:

 First Hour which includes travel provided the site is within the City / Town Boundary $149.50 GST Incl

Subsequent hours                                                                                                       $ 99.00 GST Incl

Part Hours                                                                                                                   $ 24.75 GST Incl Per 15 minutes

 Where the site is outside of the City / Town Boundary that the Technician lives in then The Company OR their Agents reserve the right to charge an extra Travel Charge, this is charged at .80 Cents per Kilometre to and from the site.

 Where a localized Fuel Tax or Vehicle Usage Charge has been instituted by the Government OR a Local Body then a sur-charge may be added to site visit charges. Currently, despite the Auckland Fuel Tax surcharge we are not making any extra Charges to cover this cost.

Free Advice and Quotes

Email and Verbal Quotes

Our New Zealand Based Support Team provide Free Email and Verbal Quotes by based on the following Policy:

Onsite Quotes and Advice

Where our Support Team are required to provide Onsite Quotes OR Advice then the following conditions apply: